Martina Schneider is a GIS Analyst with Global Forest Watch Pro, an online platform designed for institutions seeking to manage deforestation within their supply chains. She is involved in research on commodity-linked deforestation, specifically oil palm, soy, and cocoa, and utilizes this work to develop and manage tools and data in support of zero-deforestation commitments.

Prior to joining WRI, Martina completed an M.S. in Geographic Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University and a B.S. in Geography from Texas A&M University. As a graduate student. Martina specialized in applying geospatial analysis toward natural resources management and assessing land cover change. In addition, she worked at Ducks Unlimited where was part of a team updating the US National Wetlands Inventory for the state of Minnesota.

Martina is currently based out of WRI's US office in Washington DC, and works remotely from her home in Baltimore, Maryland.