Mark Tonyemevor is an Urban Mobility Analyst for Cities Program at WRI Africa based in Kumasi, Ghana. In this role, he provides project coordination, research, and administrative support to the WRI Africa Cities Program including support to ongoing sustainable transport programs in Ghana related to urban mobility, road safety, urban development and planning, public transport, non-motorized transport, and urban design.

Prior to joining WRI, Mark worked with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly-Bus Rapid Transit Pilot Project as the Control Centre Dispatcher mainly in charge of Planning, Operations, Monitoring and Evaluation. Mark also worked with the Department of Transport of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly as Project Coordinator and Database Administrator for Transinfomap Project. He assisted the concept development and was responsible for the project data collection and supervised its entry and worked on other GIS related activities. In addition, he was a team member on transport planning and road safety projects while at the Department. Also, he worked as freelance research consultant assisting with both quantitative and qualitative research works over the past four years.

Mark holds degree in Development Planning from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He has undertaken further studies in Msc Development Planning and Policy from the same university.

Mark lives in Kumasi, Ghana, he enjoys traveling and engaging with others.