Kathy Schalch is the Senior Editor on the Research, Data, and Innovation team.  She helps ensure that WRI’s knowledge products meet its high standards for quality, objectivity, and clarity.  She reviews draft publications and provides feedback to help authors improve them.  If necessary, she substantively edits research projects herself, or identifies freelance editors who can do it.  Kathy is eager to train and mentor staff who want to make their writing more concise and compelling.  

Kathy has worked as a free-lance substantive editor for WRI and the World Bank, and as a writing instructor and coach for the U.S. Department of State and the Aspen Institute.  She served in Obama Administration, drafting speeches and policy documents for cabinet officials and top diplomats working to aid refugees and other vulnerable populations, protect worker rights, and promote sustainable development.  Prior to that, Kathy was a reporter at National Public Radio.  For over a decade, she led NPR’s coverage of global poverty, economic development, and the impact of aid, trade, and investment.  She also wrote about climate change and environmental protection.  

Kathy attended Oberlin College, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  She has a husband, four kids, and a large poodle, and lives in Bethesda, MD.