Katherine Shea is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Director for the Food, Land and Water program. She supports teams to track progress and integrate lessons to maximize impact. 

She was previously Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for the Forests Team and for WRI’s data products. She supported Global Forest Watch and Land and Carbon Lab, helping WRI and partners learn from successes and setbacks. In that role, she completed an evaluation of "The impact of near-real-time deforestation alerts across the tropics." 

Before joining WRI, Katherine worked at the UN World Food Programme (WFP) as a program officer in Uganda and Ecuador, then as monitoring and evaluation lead at WFP in Indonesia. 

Katherine holds a master’s degree in public administration from Cornell University with a concentration in international development. 

Outside of work, Katherine enjoys outdoor adventures with her family, from hiking to skiing to scuba diving, depending on where in the world she finds herself.