Julio César is the Legal Coordinator of Grants and Contracts at WRI México. He is responsible for the preparation and review of the contracts that the institution is issuing and receiving. He is also charged with advising staff on unusual terms or notable compliance issues and keeping them updated on changes in donor compliance requirements. He reviews the acceptability of all non-financial agreements, memorandums of understanding, confidentiality agreements, teaming agreements, and license agreements, among other activities inherent to his position.

Julio César has a track record of more than 18 years in the legal field and notable experience in the area of ​​contracts and negotiations. He has worked in various business and industrial branches such as automotive (Grupo Autofin), food and beverages (Nutrisa), construction (ATCO), trust (BANOBRAS), motorcycles (Bajaj), and software and equipment (Agilent Technologies Mexico), among others.

Julio César has a Law Degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, A.C. Mexico City. He has the degree in Specialist in Business Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) as well as various courses on Intellectual Property given by WIPO and IMPI.