Jessica Campos is the new HR Coordinator at WRI, where she provides support to the HR Business Partner team, leads inductions for new hires, and manages the internship program.

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Jessica holds a Bachelor's degree in Corporate Law, with a focus on labor law. She had the opportunity to work as a Senior Lawyer for international companies before embarking on a new chapter in her career.

Jessica's professional journey took her to the Czech Republic in Europe, where she worked in the Spanish language department of the Human Resources team. This experience marked a pivotal shift in her career focus, leading her to a rewarding path in HR.

Before joining WRI, Jessica contributed her skills to other non-profit organizations in the United States, driven by her passion for their missions. She strongly believes in making a positive impact through her work.

Currently residing in Arlington, Virginia, Jessica shares her life with her husband and their senior dog.

She enjoys traveling and volunteering at animal shelters.