Jason Dozier is the head of political mobilization within the High Ambition Coalition for Nature & People. Previously, Jason was France Convention for Biological Convention (CDB) focal point and coordinator of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature & People as HAC co-chair. With Costa Rica and the UK, Jason led the development of the coalition towards a practical tool to support HAC members in implementing the 30x30 target with the aim of playing a major role in the Global Biodiversity Framework successful implementation.

Jason has also served as policy officer to the Ministry of Environment of France, as a negotiator and EU co-lead during the French Presidency of the EU in the run up to COP15, on issues of climate change, ecosystem conservation, gender, indigenous peoples and local communities participation.

At a national level, Jason has a wide range of experience working with various stakeholders. In 2019, he took on the role of Head of Operations of the NGO “On est Prêt”, where he led the development of several campaigns in partnership with the European Climate Foundation. He also worked as a consultant for the Hermès Foundation on biodiversity related issues.

Jason holds a degree from the International Relations Institutes of Paris and a Masters in Security Studies from King's College London. Strongly involved in climate and youth advocacy, he was nominated Advocacy Director and Vice-President of the international NGO “CliMates” working towards increasing youth participation and empowerment during international climate negotiations.