Jasnari works to provide expertise on policy analysis, lead the institutional setting, stakeholder engagement, coordination, community facilitation, social research and project coordination in South Sumatra and Aceh province and its priority districts. In South Sumatera, he is actively involved in building initiatives and collaborations with local governments and stakeholders through several working groups. He also provides capacity-building and technical assistance for local governments, forest management units, civil societies, and community groups to promote sustainable forest and land use management. Additionally, he supports the senior program leader in developing and maintaining communication and coordination with key stakeholders to ensure successful project implementation, monitoring activities and ensuring that the project delivers its outputs and outcomes. He also assists in developing workplan, budget, and term of reference (TOR) to implement policy research and advocacy, and other relevant project activities in South Sumatra province and its priority districts.

Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, Jasnari worked with The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) on various research projects. There, he was responsible for managing projects at the field, district and provincial levels. He was involved in various research activities and projects, conflict resolution, policy studies and community development in and around forest areas and building multi-stakeholder partnerships where project activities were carried out. Since 2017 he has been active in the Working group for the Acceleration of Social Forestry at the provincial and national levels.

Jasnari holds a Master of Science in Agribusiness from Jambi University (UNJA), Jambi – Indonesia. During his spare time, he loves reading and traveling with his family and friends.