Gülcan started working at WRI Türkiye Sustainable Cities as Project Assistant in April 2016. As an urban planner, she will assist in non-motorized sustainable urban transportation projects (UrbanLab İzmir; Adana Bike Lane and Stations, Prince Islands Sustainable Transportation Workshop).

Gülcan completed her Bachelor Degree in İzmir Institute of Technology in Urban and Regional Planning Department. After graduation, she worked in an urban transformation project as an urban planner responsible for data collection and negotiation process in Karabağlar, İzmir which is conducted by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning within a public-private partnership model. Then she started a Masters program in Regional Planning Department in Istanbul Technical University. During her master studies, she worked as an intern at WRI Türkiye Sustainable Cities and provided technical support in bike lane and infrastructure projects. She also assisted in the organization of Livable Cities Symposium and other workshops.

During her university studies, she attended and assisted the Chamber of City Planner’s activities. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, pilates and do it yourself activities.