Gary is the Facilities Supervisor at WRI and provides support at the Global office in Washington, DC. Prior to being Facilities Supervisor, Gary was the Facilities Coordinator. He also held multiple temporary positions at WRI since 2019.

Prior to joining WRI, Gary worked within the hospitality sector and has held numerous customer service roles for over 20 years. More recently, he held several pastry chef roles, both at a busy restaurant in Baltimore, MD and a boutique French macaron bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has previous experience in both the wine and coffee industries.

Gary holds a B.S. in Geography and Environmental Planning from Towson University, alongside an Associate of Art's Degree in Cooking and Baking from Baltimore International College. He is a native of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Gary loves to go wine tasting with his former winery coworkers at different local vineyards, and will happily recommend either a good bottle of local wine or local coffee. He loves to travel and enjoys his therapeutic Sunday cooking.