Gary is a Senior Software Engineer within WRI's Research, Data & Innovation group. He's helping expand visibility and impact, and influence decision-makers to advance solutions for today's environmental challenges.

Before joining WRI, Gary consulted for a web-focused software development firm building a range of solutions for local organizations and Fortune 500 companies. He's successfully led small, centrally located teams and 20+ member distributed teams spanning significant portions of the globe. Gary's domain experience spans government, healthcare, private industry, and various non-profit organizations.

Gary holds a B.S. in Computer Science with honors from Colorado State University. His primary interests are agile methodologies, software analysis & design, cloud computing, and IoT/embedded projects.

When Gary isn't blissfully pounding away on a keyboard, he's enjoying the natural world with his family. You can find him setting off on multi-day muscle-powered adventures, coaxing more Ohio native plants to take over his yard, fiddling with hot compost ratios, or taking power naps in obscure natural settings. His current infatuation is rigging a sea kayak for upwind sailing. Gary lives with his wife and two children in their homegrown national park, Kettering, OH.