Galih Ratna Sari, the Social Forestry Community Business Communication and Design Officer, holds a degree in Forest Product Technology from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Before her current role, she started her career as an intern at WRI Indonesia, specializing in design and website content, and later as a consultant and research assistant for sustainable business development for Indigenous People and Local Community (IPLC) projects.

In her current position, Galih collaborates closely with the regional team in Riau and West Sumatra. She is dedicated to developing impactful branding and communication strategies for the social forestry business community's product, emphasizing both local and global appeal while promoting environmental sustainability and community empowerment.

During her free time, Galih Ratna Sari enjoys drawing and creating digital illustrations, particularly depicting people and nature. Her drawing can be checked on Instagram @galskyyyy or Galih Ratna on Behance.