Fatma Mohamed is a seasoned strategic leader and diversity specialist with a wealth of experience in human capital management, program management, and compliance. Fatma has established herself as a trusted advisor in the realm of equal employment opportunity (EEO), affirmative action plans, and workforce planning. 

Fatma served as a Compliance Review & Training Officer at the DC Government, Office of Human Rights (OHR), where she developed and coordinated EEO training programs and investigated complaints to ensure compliance with EEO regulations. She also led outreach activities to promote awareness and engagement on eliminating workplace discrimination. 

Fatma holds a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with a concentration in Media Studies from the University of Maryland. Fatma is fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

 With a passion for driving positive change and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizational settings, Fatma brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, leadership, and advocacy to her work. Fatma is excited to contribute to the mission of WRI. 

Fatma is a native Washingtonian and continues to reside in Washington, DC.