Elisabeth is a “Project Officer” for Papua and West Papua Office of WRI Indonesia. Her work is to support program management, manage operations and support financial administration at WRI Regional Papua. She graduated from Universitas Papua (UNIPA) majoring in Forestry and later was awarded a scholarship to study Political Ecology at University of Hawai’i (USA).

Elisabeth was once a part of Conservation International (CI) Indonesia where she worked as a Manager for Kaimana Program and was then appointed Partnership Specialist for BHS (Bird Head Seascape) Secretariat in Manokwari, West Papua Province. This program was known as a joint initiative of CII-TNC-WWF. Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, Elisabeth worked for the West Papua Provincial Government in Industry & Trade Office.

Elisabeth usually spends her free time to explore new places, food & people. She also loves gardening & watching movies.