Denise Patricia O Reilly is a Senior Operations Manager within the Global Restoration Initiative. Denise's role affords her the opportunity to work with the Forests Program Team to increase visibility, impact, and influence decision-makers to advance environmental solutions that currently challenge the world, and will do so in the future.

Prior to joining WRI, Denise worked as a senior operating officer at Kantar's Washington DC office, managing a team of international development researchers, data analysts, social behavior change and MEL experts. She also worked with teams in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa. Her daily interactions included research, finance, HR and IT departments globally, while also sitting in on client, partner & stakeholder meetings. Denise is excited that this position allows her to interaction with global teams, supporting front line researchers, implementing partners, operations and finance to deliver on WRI's mission.

Denise holds a BA in Marketing, an Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Management, International Law, Trade and Distribution and Certificates in Marketing and Marketing Management, all while studying and working in Ireland. Denise moved to the USA in 2005 as a recipient of a United States Green Card in the US Green Card Lottery. She became a US citizen in 2010.

Denise lives in Washington DC. She is an avid e-biker, biking around Washington DC, the USA and Ireland whenever travel allows. Denise is currently learning Korean to justify her love of Korean k-dramas!