Cynthia Maharani is a climate research analyst for Climate and Forest Unit at WRI. She will contribute to WRI research on NDC enhancement and support the development of policy analysis on one gate reporting system, among others.

Prior to her tenure with WRI, Cynthia was a social and policy researcher for Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Her research focused on REDD+ policy progress at national level, social forestry, remittances and forest investment, and shifting cultivation practices. She also helped knowledge co-development with partners in Indonesia, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Guyana and Sabah (Malaysia). Cynthia graduated from International Relations Department at Gajah Mada University. She received Fulbright scholarship (MA) in Oregon State University majoring in Public Policy with focus on marine resource management and anthropology.

Cynthia is an animal lover (She is a proud mother of three adopted cats). She also loves ancient ruins and passionate about Roman-Hellenic historical sites. Her dream is to trailing historical sites from Jerusalem to Asia Minor.