Craig Mills is the Director of the Land & Carbon Lab at the World Resources Institute. The lab is dedicated to harnessing the power of AI and geospatial analysis to transform massive environmental data into actionable insights. This initiative is vital in making informed, sustainable decisions that align with WRI’s goals to meet people’s essential needs, protect and restore nature, and stabilize the climate and build resilient communities. The Land & Carbon Lab's work is crucial in advancing the sector towards comprehensive monitoring of all land and carbon.

In his career, Craig has held numerous leadership roles. Notably, as the CEO of Vizzuality, he supported the development of many global environmental data platforms, including Global Forest Watch, Aqueduct, Global Fishing Watch, and His tenure at the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre as Head of Informatics led to significant contributions to the Protected Planet initiative and the World Database on Protected Areas. Craig's expertise in geospatial technology and biological sciences has been a driving force behind all his ventures.

The vision for the Land & Carbon Lab is centered around leading the innovative use of AI and geospatial technologies. He is a strong advocate for radical transparency and collaborative progress, aiming to transform the sector's approach to environmental monitoring and data driven policy-making. This forward-thinking approach is not just about technological advancement, but also about fostering a community of shared learning and rapid development in the field of sustainable land stewardship.