Christine Muthee is an Air Quality Analyst for WRI Africa. She works to process, analyze air quality data, improve fundamental science and delivery of air quality forecast products utilizing machine learning to correct bias and spatial representation errors in the global forecasts using station level data from Low Cost sensors and reference grade monitors. She is also developing a pollution insight tool using satellite data outputs to visualize pollution plumes on a city scale . She also supports data management for root cause analysis of air pollution sources for data driven decision making on relevant air quality management and policy development in Africa.

Prior to joining WRI, Christine has previously worked as a Data Science researcher in Moringa School propagating the use of Artificial Intelligence to leverage "big data" in driving climate action, decision making in businesses and solving social economic problems. She also worked as an environmental physics expert in a nationally accredited testing laboratory – in leading the monitoring and evaluation of emission data to ensure compliance with national regulations and WHO guidelines.

Christine holds a Bachelors Degree from the Technical University of Mombasa in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics and a post graduate diploma from Moringa School in Data Science and Machine Learning. She has participated in the Professional program for Data science and Machine Learning : Data Driven decision making developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Christine lives in Nairobi and in spare time, Christine enjoys cooking, making compelling Data Stories and playing chess.