Bukti Bagja is Supply Chain and Livelihood Transformation Senior Manager at WRI Indonesia. The project is aimed at increasing traceability and sustainability practices of oil palm production in Indonesia. The project also provides inputs to the one map initiative through policy recommendation and private sector and smallholder engagement.

Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, Bukti Bagja worked as consultant for various natural resources management projects in Indonesia, mostly in forestry and plantation sector. Since year 2012, Bukti Bagja worked as Certified Lead Auditor for RSPO / ISPO in Indonesia and Malaysia with Mutu Certification International and with the British Standards Institution.

Bukti Bagja holds Master Degree in Environmental Science from University of Indonesia, and Bachelor Degree in Forestry from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He lives in Bogor, and In weekend he loves going on trips with family, watching movies, and some times hunting nature pictures.