Beatriz is Air Quality Director at WRI Mexico and coleads the global Air Quality at WRI. She is an expert in air pollution, with experience in both science and policy, from the study of biological processes to treat air pollutants, to the design and implementation of integrated policies to achieve clean air.

She joined WRI to lead air quality work at WRI Mexico and collaborates with WRI teams on developing strategies and programs to accelerate the path to a cleaner air.

Prior to WRI, she was the General Director of Air Quality Management, during 2017 and 2018, in Mexico City's Secretary of Environment. For more than a decade, she led the air pollution experimental research area at the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change. She worked as air quality project leader at Centro Mario Molina in Mexico City and Director of Air Quality at the Megalopolis Environmental Commission for central region of Mexico.

She has co-authored several papers and has participated in several research projects, including the major field campaigns in Mexico City Metropolitan Area in 2003 and 2006. She was distinct by the National Researcher System as National Researcher Level 1 during 2007-2017 and research candidate from 1999-2006. She participated as Mexican Delegate at the IPCC bureau and CCAC, and as country expert in the Stockholm Convention Experts Group and the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

She was Fulbright-Garcia Robles scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she got a MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering.

She is a Biochemical Engineer from the Autonomous Metropolitan University, an alumni of the Lead Mexico (Cohort 10), and holds a degree in Advance Studies in Environmental Diplomacy from the University of Geneva.