Ayça Bağcı, who joined the WRI Türkiye team in 2024, is responsible for the overall coordination of WRI Türkiye's European Union projects as well as the development of new projects and collaborations at the international level.

Since 2006, she has undertaken the development and implementation of numerous local, regional, national, and international projects, especially in the European Union. In this context, she has managed projects and crowdfunding campaigns in many areas, such as sustainable development, enhancing the capacity building of the civil society sector, sustainable transportation, sustainable tourism, governance, education, youth, gender equality, etc..

She holds a degree in the Department of Public Administration in French from Marmara University. In addition to project development and management, she completed the European Commission Training of Trainers course (2013-2014). She is a member of the AFS Pool of Trainers and provides national and international trainings on impact-focused project cycle management, fundraising, and networking, especially to strengthen the capacity of non-governmental organizations.

Ayça, who has been actively working with non-governmental organizations since 2000, is also a member of the AFS Volunteers Association and a board member of the Antalya EU Center Association.