Adane Kebede is Nature based Solution Specialists within the Cities Program. He leads the Dire Dawa SUNCASA project on the ground as he has hands-on experience in natural resource management, climate change adaptation, and pastoralism across the Horn of Africa Region. His grassroots experience includes food security, conflict resolution, disaster risk management, livelihoods, and sustainable development. His expertise extends to land use land cover and land use policy analysis, watershed management, and impact assessments. He will contribute for the development of cities4forest and Urban Water Resilience Initiatives towards mainstreaming NbS in urban planning and infrastructure investment projects across cities in Sub-Saharan Africa to address water, heat risks, and enhance biodiversity benefits. 

He previously worked for the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network–Addis Ababa University as program coordinator. He also served as an advisor of climate change and water governance including integrated water resources management. His research interests and thematic areas include environmental management and sustainability, Climate Change, Social transformation, and Pastoralism. 

Adane holds a PhD on Social and Cultural Anthropology (Environmental Anthropology) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and Master of Science on Environmental Science from Addis Ababa University.