Faces of Restoration is a series of videos and longform stories that our colleagues at WRI Brasil put together to highlight two things. First, it’s about what restoring landscapes involves — from growing trees to regenerating soil and landscapes — and the impacts it can have on everything from local economies to biodiversity and climate health.

Second, it’s about the people affected by environmental challenges and the ways they are helping themselves and the land around them. The series features everything from a family living deep in the Amazon to a banker, and from farmers to business people.


Bruno FelinConcept and Coordination of ‘Faces of Restoration’, WRI Brasil.

“What we have learned from visiting those people is that restoration is more than a climate solution, but a dream for a better future, generating more income for the families while also keeping their land productive for a long time. So the idea for the series and videos was to show what motivated this transformation in their lives, why they have decided to invest in restoration, and with this try to inspire other farmers and landowners to do the same.”

Mariana OliveiraSenior Research Analyst, WRI Brasil Forests Program

“It’s not only about planting trees. We are talking about forest landscape restoration. We need to focus on landscapes and consider what is happening there and balance the interests of people, what we have to protect. We need to restore functionality, what can be provided, what are the benefits that we are expecting.”