The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute are joining forces to train professionals on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our mission is to train and develop a community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring and managing GHG emissions,” said Michael Gillenwater, dean of the new Institute. “Our philosophy is that if you cannot accurately measure GHG emissions, you cannot manage climate change.”

WRI’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a perfect fit with the new nonprofit organization’s focus on training and education and offering of online courses on how to measure, account and manage GHG emissions.

“The content that our GHG Protocol team designs is considered a global standard,” said Jonathan Lash, WRI president. “It is critical that managers – whether they’re working on projects throughout the developing world or trying to make improvements at their individual companies – really get their heads around these issues.”

WRI developed the GHG Management Institute’s first course on corporate GHG emissions accounting and is working with the new Institute to develop and instruct additional courses on emissions estimation methodologies and building GHG reporting programs.

“Organizations and professionals around the world are now realizing that it is essential for them to educate themselves on the issue of GHG management,” said Gao Pronove, the new Institute’s managing director. The Institute delivers its courses through instructor-led e-learning.

“What better way to impart GHG management and accounting skills than with an interactive e-learning approach that avoids emissions from transportation to workshops, trainings, and conferences?” said Manish Bapna, WRI’s executive vice president and managing director.

“The GHG Management Institute will promote best practices, build confidence in the professional competencies of GHG practitioners, and prepare individuals to join the fast-growing, $10 billion job market,” according to Tom Baumann, the Institute’s director of Professional Programs.

The GHG Management Institute and WRI will officially announce their partnership at an event in Bali, Indonesia on December 7 during the United Nations annual conference on climate change. The event will be from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Bingo Room at the Grand Hyatt and is open to the public.

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About the World Resources Institute
The World Resources Institute is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, mapmakers, and communicators developing and promoting policies that will help protect the Earth and improve people’s lives.

About the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
The GHG Management Institute is a not-for-profit organization focused on training and education. It was founded by the Greenhouse Gas Experts Network and ClimateCHECK, in partnership with the World Resources Institute, the Carbon Disclosure Project and GoVida elearning.