Today, the United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the country’s first-ever goal for reducing food waste. The goal calls for a target of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. Food waste causes negative social, economic, and environmental impacts. WRI serves the secretariat for the Food Loss & Waste Protocol, a multi-stakeholder effort to develop the global accounting and reporting standard for quantifying food loss and waste.

Following is a statement from Craig Hanson, Global Director of Food, Forests and Water, World Resource Institute:

“The first ever U.S. national goal on food waste reduction will bring multiple benefits for food security, natural resources, and the economy.

“The USDA and EPA are showing leadership by announcing a national goal that will ensure more food gets from the farm to the fork and will save consumers money. The new U.S. national goal is also consistent with Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 that focuses on food loss and waste reduction."

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