WASHINGTON (February 17, 2015)— Transparify released its 2015 ratings of the financial transparency of 169 think thanks.

For the second year in a row, the World Resources Institute earned the highest rating, “Five Star,” for high transparency by listing donors and clearly identifying funding sources for its projects. WRI is one of only two think tanks to earn the Five Star rating in Transparify's inaugural 2014 survey and again in 2015.

Following is a statement from Steve Barker, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, World Resources Institute:

“We are delighted to be recognized by Transparify for our openness regarding our finances. WRI’s core values of integrity and independence are key to our success as one of the world’s most trusted research institutions. The decision to publicly disclose our funding sources is part of our commitment to openness, which guides our work and ensures our credibility.

“Every day, WRI conducts rigorous, independent analysis that is used by leaders in business, government and civil society. Our research, methods and conclusions are developed and reviewed through rigorous review processes and made available to all. We extend this same openness to our finances. We believe financial transparency builds trust between WRI’s experts and the decision-makers who rely on our research.”