WASHINGTON (September 21, 2016) - Today President Obama directed the National Security Council and the White House Office of Science and Technology to create a 90 day process, involving some 20 federal agencies, to systematically mainstream climate change assessments in all national security decisions.

Following is a quote from Andrew Light, Distinguished Senior Fellow, WRI, and former Senior Climate Change Advisor at the U.S. Department of State:

“It is well-established that climate change is a threat multiplier that catalyzes conflict and creates instability. Climate change is a underlying driver of natural disasters and extreme weather events, increases human migration, and contributes to conflicts around resources, such as food and water. Without action, these threats will surely increase.

“The United States is for the first time integrating climate science with its intelligence and policy priorities, making forecasting and preparation for climate impacts an integral part of all national security decisions. Today’s directive is a major step towards preparing the United States to respond to climate change, a grave threat to the nation’s security and to people around the world.”