This morning The White House released the details of the “American Jobs Plan” ahead of President Biden’s speech at 4:20pm ET today. The proposal includes hundreds of billions of dollars in investments to fight climate change and major funding for clean energy projects.

Following is a statement from Dan Lashof, Director of World Resources Institute, United States:

“This is not just an infrastructure plan, it’s a bold down payment to a new, stronger, and more equitable and resilient economy. The American Jobs Plan is a transformative investment in our future that would accelerate economic recovery, create millions of good jobs, and put the United States on track to finally tackle the climate crisis head on. 

The clean energy measures in this proposal make it the largest commitment to climate solutions in American history. 

I am excited to see major investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, school bus electrification, building energy efficiency, grid modernization, clean energy, and sustainable transportation. Our analysis shows these types of investments can generate jobs, boost economic growth, and protect public health. The investment plan will also make the United States more competitive as the world races toward a clean energy future.

Now it’s up to Congress to move this much-needed package forward. There is wide public support for large-scale infrastructure investments, and recovery measures that are both clean and equitable. Congress must rise to the occasion and act for the future of our country.”