New partnership focused on supporting national urban development planning towards low-carbon, resilient, inclusive cities

JOHANNESBURG (October 30, 2020) — The South Africa National Department for Cooperative Governance, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and Coalition for Urban Transitions announced a new partnership to help achieve a more green and equitable recovery for cities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This global partnership is a commitment to resolving one of the biggest challenges facing us. In it, we exemplify our desire for change. We acknowledge that it’s our responsibility to act now to preserve our natural world for future generations,” said Deputy Minister Parks Tau, of South Africa’s Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs at the virtual launch event, “Investing in Cities for a Green and Equitable Future,” held today.

Part of the month-long Urban Festival 2020, the announcement brought together national government leaders, city leaders, civil society and international experts to discuss pathways toward a low carbon, resilient and inclusive recovery.

Cities have been at the frontlines of the pandemic’s impact, but they also offer the opportunity to accelerate the transition to a resilient, equitable and low carbon future. Investing in cities as part of larger economic recovery packages can help national governments create economic security and jobs while moving toward a more resilient and sustainable path.

“South Africa is a crucial partner with an opportunity to steer its cities towards more equitable, more sustainable, more resilient growth that not only helps the country recover from the current crisis but address longstanding challenges in bringing the benefits of urban economies to everyone,” said Ani Dasgupta, Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Other key speakers included Wanjira Mathai, Vice President and Regional Director for WRI Africa; Edgar Pieterse, South African Research Chair in Urban Policy and Director, African Center for Cities; and Hastings Chikoko, Regional Director for Africa, C40 Cities.

The partnership between South Africa, WRI and the Coalition for Urban Transitions will focus on implementation of the country’s Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) while supporting a green, resilient and inclusive recovery for its hard-hit cities.

The discussion featured findings from a new report by the Coalition for Urban Transitions, “The Economic Case for Greening the Global Recovery through Cities,” which highlights seven priority areas that national governments can invest in, including: 1) Green construction and retrofits 2) Clean mobility 3) Renewable energy 4) Active transport 5) Nature-based solutions 6) Waste and resources and 7) R&D for clean technologies.

By focusing on these priority areas, countries like South Africa could help boost urban economies, create and protect millions of jobs and put cities on a trajectory toward long-term resilience and prosperity. The coalition has identified a $24 trillion net opportunity globally by implementing low-carbon measures in cities.

This is the first formal partnership between South Africa, WRI and the Coalition for Urban Transitions. A memorandum of understanding is forthcoming.


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