The National Network for Sustainable Urban Mobility in Mexico was launched today by FedEx Corp. and its operating companies with EMBARQ – The World Resources Institute Center for Sustainable Transport.

FedEx will provide $500,000 over two years to EMBARQ, which will help develop sustainable transportation projects in cities across Mexico. The Center for Sustainable Transport in Mexico (CTS-México), a member of the EMBARQ Network, will implement the projects on the ground.

“This collaboration is about catalyzing timely, clean and reliable mobility solutions,” said Nancy Kete, director of WRI’s EMBARQ program. “We had a strong case for joining forces in the interest of reducing congestion, pollution, and time delays due to poorly managed urban space. In the end, it’s about enhancing productivity and quality of life in cities.”

CTS-México will provide technical support to a select group of cities on how to identify, plan and implement sustainable transportation projects. These may involve walking or cycling paths, transit-oriented real estate, or mass transit systems, such as bus system improvements or bus rapid transit. CTS-México has experience providing technical expertise to other cities in Mexico, including Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Based on lessons learned from these initial projects, CTS-México will create informational toolkits, including a Web-based social networking platform, to share with other cities, universities and non-profits. This information will outline how to improve traffic safety education and public health, and promote walking and cycling.

“Many of the countries we serve are in the developing world and have been experiencing substantial economic growth. Unfortunately, with this growth has come congestion from vehicles,” said Mitch Jackson, Director of FedEx Environmental Affairs & Sustainability. “The collaboration between FedEx and EMBARQ provides the potential for a better environment, less congestion, increased safety and enhanced competitiveness in cities where we do business.”