Each World Resources Report confronts an urgent, fundamental question, one that will help determine both how people everywhere and the natural ecosystems we depend on, can thrive.

To explore possible answers, research teams launch new studies that harness WRI’s innovative tools and technologies to gather, analyze and present data. They draw upon the deep expertise and resourcefulness of leading investigators inside and outside of WRI to gather evidence from around the world, write ground-breaking research papers and synthesize key findings to produce the World Resources Report.

We have been publishing World Resources Reports since 1986, and each one is a major, multi-year undertaking. But this rigorous research has yielded surprising discoveries and promising solutions. The knowledge gaps the reports have filled, and the new questions they raise, often guide future research. Objective evidence, showing what works and what does not, helps governments and development organizations improve programs. Policymakers facing daunting challenges and consequential decisions can rely on World Resources Report findings to help them navigate around risks, seize opportunities and plan for a better future.


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Towards a More Equal City

The World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City focuses on helping cities in rapidly urbanizing regions alter their development trajectories as demand for infrastructure and services grow.

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Sustainable Food Future

Sustainably feeding nearly 10 billion people by 2050 is possible – but it will require significant innovation and investment by the public and private sector.

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Adaptation in a Changing Climate

World Resources Report 2010-2011: Decision Making in a Changing Climate is a major resource to help developing country national-level officials make decisions that support communities and economic sectors to become more climate resilient.

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