Climate change is already significantly impacting Africa's ecosystems, economy and society. African countries and development partners are responding to this challenge by implementing climate action across adaptation, mitigation, loss and damage. Beyond this, there are opportunities for others to get involved. Locally led climate action can create inclusive, meaningful and sustainable job opportunities for the continent’s youth.

World Resources Institute and its partners work with various organizations and businesses to support locally-led climate action in Africa. The initiative Partnerships for Green Growth and Global Goals (2030) provides climate businesses with funding and technical assistance to enable in-country climate transitions across food, water and energy systems. TerraFund for AFR100 finances Africa’s land restoration champions. The Land Accelerator, through its online and in-person boot camps and personalized mentorship, empowers entrepreneurs to pitch impact investors and sell their products more effectively.

This webinar, hosted by WRI Africa and P4G, will bring together speakers working in climate businesses and those accelerating sustainable financing models for small and medium enterprises. Speakers will discuss initiatives that enable enterprises in different sectors to thrive for people, nature and climate. They will share examples of enterprises working on climate action, the challenges they face, and lessons learned.


  • Dr. Rebekah Shirley, Deputy Director, WRI Africa
  • Robyn McGuckin, Executive Director, P4G
  • Dr. Jackson Koimbori, Senior Circular Economy & Climate Change Coordinator, Kenya Private Sector Alliance
  • Sam Rosmarin, Chief Investment and Corporate Development Officer, African Bamboo
  • Samuel Kabiru, Senior Manager, Land Accelerator Africa

This webinar is open to the public – we invite you to share this event with interested colleagues and networks.