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The first Open Source in Energy Access Symposium will be held in Nigeria from 7-10 May 2024, co-hosted by WRI and EnAccess Foundation in partnership with the World Bank. The aim is to bring together the Open Source community and the Energy Access sector in order to propel collaborative progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7.

This inaugural symposium will serve as an influential platform for global policy makers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technology innovators to meet in person and build valuable partnerships. Open Source technology and tools have been integral to the Energy Access landscape for some time - however, it's only recently that practitioners and organisations have begun showcasing its benefits, particularly in enhancing interoperability, cost efficiency, and maintaining high quality. Using Open Source has the potential to help reach universal energy access faster, and getting together in person to discuss challenges and collaborating on solutions will mark an important moment toward this objective.

The Symposium is part of shaping a just and equitable energy transition. It will feature engaging sessions exploring crucial themes around Open Source in Energy Access, including repairability, business innovation, sustainable growth, geospatial solutions, and more.

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