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The ocean has increasingly suffered from the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. Rising greenhouse gas emissions have had devastating effects on sea life, coral reefs, and our own coastal communities. However, research in the last few years has brought to light the ocean’s potential to not be just a ‘victim’ of the climate crisis, but also a ‘solution’ to tackling it.

These findings have kickstarted discussions between policymakers, governments, and civil society groups about the need to include ocean policy in climate action. However, despite increasing global interest in the ocean as a climate solution, the full potential of ocean-based climate actions to reduce, sequester, and store greenhouse gas emissions has not yet been realized. It is vital that sustainable ocean action is accelerated immediately if we are to address the current dual ocean and climate crises, as well as unlock the full package of benefits; from healthy and resilient marine and terrestrial systems, to improved income and livelihoods for coastal communities.

This event will launch the new report ‘The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: Updated Opportunities for Action’ commissioned by the Ocean Panel, an update of the 2019 report ‘The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: Five Opportunities for Action’. The report reassesses the mitigation potential of ocean-based actions towards closing the ‘emissions gap’ relative to a 1.5°C pathway by 2050.

Members of the author team, Ocean Panel representatives and other experts will share reflections on the opportunities and challenges for accelerating ocean-based climate action. They will highlight possible policies and measures to support implementation in country, the needs for finance through to further research, and how ocean-climate action contributes to the Ocean Panel’s goal of 100% sustainable ocean management to realize the holistic range of benefits ocean climate solutions offer.


  • Ilana Seid, Sherpa Co-chair of the Ocean Panel, and Permanent Representative of Palau to the United Nations (Opening Remarks)

  • Henrik Harboe, Sherpa Co-chair of the Ocean Panel, and Special Envoy, Ocean Panel, Norway (Closing Remarks)

  • Peter Thomson, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean (Closing Remarks)

  • Peter Haugan, Lead Expert to the Ocean Panel, and Policy Director, Institute of Marine Research, Norway (Presenter and Panelist)

  • Jane Lubchenco, Deputy Director for Climate and Environment, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President, United States (Panelist)

  • Ali Mohamed, Special Climate Envoy, Executive Office of the President, Kenya (Panelist)

  • Brad Ack, CEO, Ocean Visions (Panelist)

  • Kathryn Matthews, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Oceana (Panelist)

  • Torsten Thiele, Founder, Global Ocean Trust (Panelist)

  • Kristian Teleki, Chief Executive Officer, Fauna & Flora (Moderator)

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