Almost all countries have climate plans. Not many know exactly how they will pay for them. 

Join WRI Finance and the NDC Partnership on September 19 to discover countries' perspective on climate finance. Do they have the instruments they need to finance their NDCs? How do debt and shortfalls in international contributions affect the ability of countries to deliver on their promises? What instruments are proven and ready at hand, which are speculative, and how can ministries know which are right for their political, economic and environmental conditions? 

Experts and practitioners from Climate Bonds Initiative, Chile, NDCP and AfDB will explore these questions and more, in the context of September's Climate Week, the ongoing conversation on global financial architecture, and the run-up to COP28.

This webinar occasions the launch of WRI's Paying for Paris Resources Hub, a web reference with sections on how to plan, implement and monitor climate finance. This includes separate sections for aligning public spending, raising new finance, and shifting private investment, all explained through short, shareable briefings and videos as well as in-depth testimonials and interviews with experts from 25 organizations on several continents. 

Opening Remarks: Andrew Johnstone, CEO, Climate Fund Managers

Moderation: Gaia Larsen, Director of Climate Finance Access, WRI


  • Carola Moreno, Finance and International Affairs Coordinator, Ministry of Finance, Chile
  • Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Audrey-Cynthia Yamadjako, Principal Climate Finance Officer, African Development Bank

Closing Remarks: Amanda McKee, Director of Knowledge and Learning, NDC Partnership

Cover image by Daniel Krueger/Unsplash