As the Zero Carbon Building Accelerator comes to a close, global partners will share lessons learned in developing national roadmaps and aligned city action plans to zero carbon buildings as well as their plans for implementing and tracking the roadmaps.

The Zero Carbon Building Accelerator (ZCBA) is a project funded by the GEF, implemented by UNEP and WRI and led locally by five partners: WRI Türkiye, the Colombia Green Building Council (CCCS), the Green Building Council of Costa Rica, ICLEI South Asia, and the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS). Local leads worked closely with leaders in the public and private sectors to develop locally relevant roadmaps, action plans, approaches to tracking progress and business models for investment in zero carbon buildings.

In this event, local leads will share the lessons they learned in developing these tools for building decarbonization. Cross cutting themes will touch on key challenges and opportunities for including the informal housing sector, incorporating considerations for disasters, working with the financial sector and integrating gender and equity into the roadmaps and action plans. City leaders from Colombia, Costa Rica, India Kenya and Türkiye will share what they need from international organizations to accelerate the implementation of their ZCB plans.


  • Michael Doust, Fairuz Loutfi, Sumedha Malaviya, Natalie Thomure, WRI
  • Angelica Ospina, the Colombia Green Building Council
  • Nicolas Ramirez, Green Building Council of Costa Rica
  • Meltem Baryaktar and Baret Binatli, WRI Türkiye
  • Louis Kariuki, Kenya Green Building Society
  • Nikhil Kolsepatil, ICLEI South Asia


Photo credit: Andrewglaser/Wikimedia Commons