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With the influx of new clean energy incentives from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS and Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act, the importance of permitting reform to enable the deployment of clean energy infrastructure has become a key issue for legislators.  

Join World Resources Institute on March 14 for a conversation with Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, a champion for the clean energy future and committed advocate for climate-smart legislation in the U.S. Senate. The discussion will center around federal transmission permitting reform and the growing need to rapidly deploy clean energy infrastructure.

Sen. Schatz, known as one the Senate’s “Three Climateers”, played an essential role in the negotiations which led to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. Schatz has vocalized his clear support for permitting reform legislation that will expedite the development of clean energy without undermining core environmental laws.

The conversation with Sen. Schatz will be followed by a panel discussion of experts on transmission governance, prioritizing equity through the project siting and permitting process, and the overarching need to rapidly deploy clean energy infrastructure.

Featured Speaker:

  • Sen. Brian Schatz, Hawaii

Other Speakers:

  • Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute
  • Christina DeConcini, Director of Government Affairs, World Resources Institute

  • Abbie Dillen, President, Earthjustice

  • Gene Grace, General Counsel, American Clean Power Association

  • Jason Stanek, Chairman, Maryland Public Service Commission; Co-chair, Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)

  • Jennie Chen, Senior Manager of Clean Energy, World Resources Institute (Moderator)