Timezones: 9am EST | 3pm Lagos | 11am Buenos Aires | 7 :30pm New Delhi

The Restoration Monitoring Tools Guide was developed by Climate Focus and World Resources Institute in collaboration with the Monitoring Task Force of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and more than a dozen local and international organizations. The Tools Guide is the starting point for setting up an effective restoration monitoring system. Monitoring is critical for making sure that restoration objectives are on track; however, limited guidance exists on how to establish a monitoring system and what tools are available that can support monitoring. This guide fills that gap – providing information on the essential steps for effective monitoring and a ToolFinder app that helps you decide what tools can best support your monitoring activities.

Join a panel of exciting speakers to learn how this Tools Guide can help you determine the best monitoring tools for your restoration goals.

This webinar will take place in English with live interpretation in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • Jillian Gladstone, Lead Consultant, Climate Focus
  • Julian Fox, Team Leader, National Forest Monitoring, FAO
  • Katie Reytar, Research Associate, World Resources Institute
  • Leigh Winowiecki, Global Research Leader: Soil and Land Health, ICRAF
  • Sarah Lupberger, Manager, Collective Action, Rainforest Alliance