The interlinkages of water, energy, and food have been examined and expressed in the concept of the water-energy-food nexus since the 2007-08 global financial crisis propelled them into the spotlight. The nexus concept has allowed academics and other resources practitioners to express the interdependencies and constraints between these three systems, and to offer solutions that bridge across them. We are entering a new era of addressing nexus problems — applying remote monitoring, analytics, AI, and machine learning to water sustainability is unearthing new insights and solutions. The open data revolution has given access to organizations that would not be able to gather and process data themselves.

In this session, experts from Accenture, Deltares, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Google, Microsoft, Water Resources Management Authority in Zambia, World Wildlife Fund, and World Resources Institute will discuss the role of advanced technology and multi-sectoral collaboration in addressing nexus issues, and provide a deep dive into the Global Water Watch platform with a chance for the audience to provide feedback on this tool.


  • Liz Burlon, Global Solution Development Lead for Water Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Accenture
  • Dr. A.M. Moreno-Rodenas, Specialist, Environmental Hydraulics, Hydraulic Engineering Unit, Resilient Ports and Coasts Department, Deltares
  • Annemieke Nijhof, Managing Director, Deltares
  • Alexis Morgan, Global Water Stewardship Lead, World Wildlife Fund
  • Liz Saccoccia, Water Security Associate, World Resources Institute
  • Tara Varghese, Water Stewardship Lead, Google
  • Frank Nyoni, Senior Water Quality and Environmental Officer, Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA), Zambia
  • Additional speakers to be announced