Climate change impacts on water resources are one of the most significant challenges to which countries, communities, economies, and ecosystems must adapt. That’s a major reason why the United Nations General Assembly is organizing the first high-level Global Water Conference since 1977, on March 22-23, 2023. As the conference vision statement notes,

“We need to rapidly find a new balance to ensure sustainable development of water resources – water for people, economy and nature – and respect the planetary boundaries whilst investing in adaptation for resilient communities, economies and ecosystems.”

In preparation for the Global Water Conference, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the World Resources Institute (WRI) met on Monday, February 13 for an online event that brought together countries, implementing partners and practitioners to learn more about the conference, share approaches and exchange knowledge on water’s vital role in adapting to climate change and building resilience.


  • Mr. Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of the Netherlands  

  • Dr. Ligia Castro, Advisor to the Minister and Director of Climate Change for the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente), Republic of Panama  

  • Dr. Kapil Gnawali, Senior Divisional Hydrologist/Engineer, Water Resources Division, Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS), Government of Nepal  

  • Dr. Adam Aw Hirsi, Minister of State for Environment & Climate Change, Federal Republic of Somalia 

  • Mr. Gerard Howe, Adaptation Action Coalition co-chair, Head of Adaptation at Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, United Kingdom