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Faced with the advance of fossil fuels in the Amazon, this event aims to discuss and expose solutions and problems related to decarbonization, promoting economic and energy planning in the region, with an emphasis on the imminent climate challenges. In the Brazilian context, despite the positive discourse on renewable energies and the notable reduction in deforestation, significant investment in oil and gas jeopardizes not only biodiversity, but also intensifies climate impacts, directly affecting vulnerable populations. The cohesion between environmental discourse and political-institutional practices is crucial to demonstrating the effective protection of the Amazon to the world.


  • Moderator: Sineia Wapichana, Coordinator of the Indigenous Committee on Climate Change of Brazil and coordinator of the Department of Environmental and Territorial Management of the Indigenous Council of Roraima State
  • Prof. Dr. Cristovão Henrique, Professor at UFAC - Federal University of Acre and Strategic Director (DRX) of the GeoLAB Research Institute | Geoeconomic Laboratory of South America Institute
  • Nicole Figueiredo de Oliveira, Executive director of the Arayara International Institute and national coordinator of the No Fracking Brazil Coalition 
  • Isabela Morbach, Co-founder of Rede Amazônidas pelo Clima (RAC) and Counsel at Campos Mello Advogados
  • Rafael Feltran-Barbieri, Senior economist in WRI Brasil's Climate and Forest, Land Use and Agriculture programmes

Cover image by Jaime Dantas/Unsplash