Over $5 trillion of climate finance investment is per year by 2030. This need far outpaces the $1.7 trillion currently flowing annually to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. But how much is flowing, to where, and in what forms? Where are the needs, and what do we know about how they will evolve over the coming years?

Radical improvements to the transparency of climate and other SDG finance are needed — and can increase not just accountability but ambition, from public and private investors, on the global and local levels.

This session aims to share insights between investors, international organizations and civil society organizations on the successes and challenges on improving climate finance transparency. During the session, we will explore options can be used by suppliers and recipients of financial flows to fill in the gap, translate date into financial decisions, and open up data to the world.

Location: Blue Zone B2 Building 10, Meeting Room 36


Gaia Larsen, Climate Finance Access Director, World Resources Institute
•    Alicia Montalvo, Climate Action and Positive Biodiversity Manager at Latin America Development Bank, CAF
•    Baysa Naran, Manager at Climate Policy Initiative, CPI
•    Chiara Falduto, Policy Analyst for the Finance for Climate Action at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD
•    Natalia Alayza, Climate Finance Manager, World Resources Institute

The event can be livestreamed remotely here.

Image by Ted Moravec / Flickr