Explore the relationship between urban activities and deforestation, highlighting the bioeconomy as a crucial tool in mitigating this problem. In this panel, experts will discuss how cities, as major consumers of resources, can adopt more sustainable practices, promoting the transition to an economy based on renewable biological resources. Innovative strategies related to the responsible use of resources, the strengthening of socio-biodiversity initiatives as well as policies and regulations that incentivise forest conservation and the economic development of cities will be discussed. The panel highlights the importance of a balanced approach that harmonizes urban development with environmental preservation, pointing to the bioeconomy as a promising solution for reducing or solving the impact of cities on deforestation.


  • Moderator: Adalberto Maluf, National Secretary for the Urban Environment and Environmental Quality, of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in Brazil
  • Jader Filho, Minister of Cities in Brazil
  • Edmilson Rodrigues, Belém Mayor
  • Angela Pinatti, Natura
  • Rogério Gutierrez, GIZ
  • Antonio Lindau, Cities Program Director, WRI Brasil

Cover image by Joshua Woroniecki/Unsplash