2023 continues to be a tumultuous year – economically and politically – with significant implications for the global climate agenda. Despite these headwinds, Africa has hosted several major climate events, including the One Forest Summit, the Africa Climate Summit and the Three Basins Summit. These events underscore Africa’s leadership, showcasing opportunities and investments on the continent, with its abundant potential in renewable energy, critical minerals and natural resources, and the benefits of a youthful population.

However, these Summits sparked debate amongst and within policy circles, civil society organizations, and communities – regarding the priorities and opportunities showcased, how potential benefits from investments would be shared amongst communities, and whether this rising tide would equally lift all boats.

Join us at this webinar to reflect on the climate events of the year and the promises they hold for the continent. Speakers will talk about what we must do to seize this opportunity to chart an inclusive path that yields lasting wealth, eliminates poverty and protects nature.


Image by Anthony Ochieng, Climate Visuals Countdown