12-1:30pm EST | 2-3:30 São Paulo Time

This webinar will be in Portuguese with live English interpretation.

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Brazil’s Atlantic Forest biome has the country’s greatest opportunity for landscape and forests restoration - not only the opportunity to recover millions of hectares of degraded areas, but also to drive a forest economy that generates rural jobs, income and higher quality of life.

The support and encouragement given to forestry businesses that bet on a sustainable model of land use can be decisive in driving restoration. How can small and medium-sized enterprises operating in restoration supply chains or within agroforestry models develop and prosper, generating economic and environmental benefits for society as a whole?

WRI Brasil and the Pact for Restoration of the Atlantic Forest (PACTO) invite you to a webinar that brings the perspective of entrepreneurship to the restoration conversation in Brazil. In addition, the event will present the Land Accelerator Brazil, a new initiative that is selecting small and medium sized enterprises to participate in a training and investor-readiness program to boost their businesses.