10:00 Washington D.C., Santiago de Chile | 16:00 Rome, Italy | 11:00 Brasília

Ecosystem restoration is a complex process, from identifying in-need landscapes to determining best practices for planting trees and promoting natural regeneration. To help restoration actors, funders and other partners plan, carry out and monitor successful projects, WRI and FAO have created AURORA, a web application named for Assessment, Understanding and Reporting of Restoration Activities. The application is now live and ready to support users as they make decisions and select desired impacts and indicators, set goals and monitor the progress of their restoration projects.

During this webinar, FAO, WRI and partners will present AURORA and demonstrate how it can be used. Country stakeholders that have applied it in the context of their restoration projects will showcase their experiences. The AURORA tool is designed for use alongside our guidebook, The Road to Restoration: A Guide to Identifying Priorities and Indicators for Monitoring Forest and Landscape Restoration. The guidebook provides step-by-step details for how to pursue restoration projects with an emphasis on monitoring, which helps organizations provide evidence to communicate successes, attract further investments and scale efforts. Also available is an online course, designed in concert with the guidebook, available within the FAO e-learning academy.

This webinar will have live interpretation in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Launch AURORA tool