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*Note this is a 2-webinar series. The first webinar is on 2/15 and the second webinar is on 2/16 at the same time.*

Both events will be in Spanish with live interpretation into English.

Ministries of Finance and/or Economy have a crucial role in addressing the challenges of climate change, based on their functions in regulating, managing, and assessing public spending, budget, fiscal policy, and financial mobilization. The adequate performance of these roles by the Ministries, while showing progress on climate action, could be accelerated to address the climate crisis. The role of Ministries of Finance and/or Economy is also particularly crucial to address the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on governments’ fiscal balance and on climate action.

This Regional Dialogue aim to promote the exchange of experiences amongst Ministries of Finance and/or Economy from Latin America and the Caribbean towards a low-carbon and resilient development. This exchange of experiences will allow participants to delve deeper into debates on how countries in the region can take advantage of different tools to achieve their climate action goals and how to address the challenges within the socio-economic context of the region.

February 15th. 2022 | Panel I: How Ministries of Finance and/or Economy are addressing climate financing: A perspective of planning, implementation, and governance




  • Elizabeth Guerrero Barrantes, Vice-minister of Income, Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica (Keynote Speaker)
  • María del Carmen Bonilla Rodríguez, General Director of the Unit for Public Credit, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico (Panelist)
  • Rosa María Ortega, Director of Public Credit, Ministry of Public Finance of Guatemala (Panelist)
  • Mercedes Feliciano, Director of Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development of Dominican Republic (Panelist)
  • Natalia Alayza, Finance Center, World Resources Institute (Panel moderator)

February 16th. 2022 | Panel II: Solutions to the increase of sovereign debt derived from Covid-19 and its effect on climate action




  • Joseluis Samaniego Leyva, Director of the Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division, The Economic Commission for Latin America, and the Caribbean -ECLAC- (Keynote Speaker)
  • Christian Eigen-Zucchi, Senior Economist, Development Perspectives Group, World Bank -WB- (Panelist)
  • Graham Watkins, Leader of the Division of Climate Change, Inter-American Development Bank -IDB- (Panelist)
  • Manuel Torres, Sovereign Public Sector Manager, Central American Bank for Economic Integration -CABEI- (Panelist)
  • Erik Klok, Economist at the Strategy and Policy Review Department, International Monetary Fund -IMF- (Panelist)
  • David Alfaro, Climate finance advisor, the German Development Cooperation -GIZ- (Panel moderator)

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