This event will focus on strategies for meeting the urgent need to scale both investment and innovative business models for solar energy.  The first panel will discuss insights on scaling up investment, including findings from Our Solar Future -- Roadmap to Mobilize USD 1 Trillion by 2030, which will be launched at COP27. The second panel will discuss how Government and private sector entities can support innovative business models to scale up the delivery of solar energy in communities.

Event hosts: WRI, P4G, CONCITO


  • Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, International Solar Alliance
  • Jennifer Layke, Global Director, Energy Program, WRI
  • Asger Garnak, Investment and Finance Lead, CONCITO
  • Jon Johnsen, CEO, PKA
  • Alma Garcia, Senior Advisor, Resilience and Climate, Danchurchaid
  • Ash Sharma, Vice President and Head, Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
  • Jonathan Kishibagaya, Head of Products and Supply Chain, Altech Group


  • Ian de Cruz, Global Director, P4G


Cover Image by: Manny Becerra/Unsplash