This session will demonstrate implementation of locally led solutions to adapt to climate change and innovative approaches for financing solutions. WRI has invited three regional civil society partners of Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) consortium, to discuss key insights on how policy and investments in locally led action are being implemented on the ground in Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

By highlighting innovative mechanisms that make funding accessible to the grassroots, this session hopes to demonstrate how the Principles for Locally Led Adaptation can be operationalized and how it is already taking place in many contexts.

  • Share learning and innovation on climate adaptation solutions being implemented on the ground in various regions.
  • Elevate local expertise for resilience building.
  • Demonstrate the impacts of investing in locally driven climate solutions. 


  • Cristina R. Del Rio, Senior Adaptation and Resilience Advisor, Climate Resilience Practice, World Resources Institute


  • Joseph Muturi, Board Chair, Slum Dwellers International
  • Eileen Mairena Cunningham, Researcher & Advocacy Officer, Centro para la Autonomía y Desarollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CADPI)
  • Ainka Granderson, Senior Technical Officer, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)


Cover Image by: Jeffrey Barbee/Thomson Reuters Foundation