The session will serve to discuss several of the main uncertainties and challenges surrounding African just energy transitions pathways, and to collect and learn from a variety of viewpoints (government, industry, finance and civil society) and how these could be overcome. The main themes that will be discussed are:

  • The needs to de-risk investments in renewable energy projects on the African continent and unlock finance flows to fund energy transition needs in Africa; and
  • Streamlining the energy transition in Africa with social fairness considerations, such as job creation and gender equity & mainstreaming.
  • This will help showcase needs and underscore evidence gaps to achieve equitable outcomes in practice.

Outcomes expected from the event include:

  • Enhanced consensus and coherence around just energy transition partnerships across civil society, private sector and government stakeholders in Africa;
  • Improved knowledge on responses to emerging African energy transition issues;
  • Shared lessons and innovations on just and equitable transition outcomes.


  • Dr. Rebekah Shirley, WRI Africa
  • Joseph Nganga, GEAPP
  • Monica Maduekwe, PUTTRU/WIRE
  • Raul Alfaro-Pelico, RMI


Image credit: Molly Bergen/WRI